Unarguably, Whatsapp is the most popular chatapp in this world. This app has successfully connected the people of the world. Every Whatsapp user know that he/she can share images, audios, videos, contacts, GIFs, etc. through Whatsapp. But the utility of this chatapp isn’t restricted upto these only.
Yes, apart from sharing the above mentioned contents, Whatsapp also offers the facility of sharing the MOBILE APPS. Now, if you don’t have such an app which one of your friends have then it is not necessary for you to download that app from the Google Play Store. You can get that app through Whatsapp too. Let’s see how :
1. As your friend have that particular application, so first of all, you have to ask your friend for sending the APK of that application.
2. For sending the APK, the sender need to rename the APK file by replacing the .apk extension either with .text or .doc extension.
3. After this, the sender have to do long press at the renamed file which will make a new menu to pop-up having the option of Share.
4. The sender have to tap on Share and then on Whatsapp (in order to share the APK through Whatsapp).
5. Further, the sender have to tap upon your Whatsapp number and finally on the Send.
6. When the file, sent by your friend, arrive to you then you have to download it.
7. After downloading, you have to rename the file by changing the .text or .doc extension to .apk extention.
8. And now, you can install the app.

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