Its sad to see that almost 90% of the Intermediate students are trapped in confusion in case of their career planning. If you ask them, what you’ll do after the 12th ? then surely majority of them will say “I haven’t decided yet.”

This piece may help such guys.
First of all, let it very clear that every graduation course offers reasonable amount of career making oppurtunities. Don’t remain in delusion that only Engineering & Doctory provides oppurtunities. Let’s have a look on some of the graduation courses.

B. C. A.

Undeniably, there isn’t a single institution which is sustaining without the involvement of Computers. It is very much admittable that Computers have become a necessity. Presently, we’re living in the IT era which is evolving further and consequently, discovering or inventing new & new career oppurtunities.
B.C.A. is a graduation course of Computer’s domain.

The extension of B.C.A. is Bachelor of Computer Application and it is a professional course. B.C.A. could be very effective for a person having acceptable knowledge (if not deep) of mathematics and interest in computers.
The syllabus of B.C.A. comprises of both the Computer’s Fundamentals as well as the Detailin g of Computers. B.C.A. students learn about the development of the Computer System, about its softwares, applications, Information Systems, etc.
The prominent subjects with which a B.C.A. student needs to deal are Data Base Management System abbreviated as DBMS, Business Data Processing, System Analysis, mathematics, etc. It is a course which teaches some of the soft-skills and imparts healthy amount of Computer Proficiency in the students.


After the sucessfully concluding the B.C.A., the Graduate can get the job in the software companies either as Software Developer or as Web Designer. Apart from these, the software firms may also recruit the B.C.A. Graduate as System Manager.
The B.C.A. Graduate can also go for the Master’s Degree. He can take the admission in Master of Computer Application abbreviated as M.C.A. and can also go for Master of Business Administration in Information Technology abbreviated as M.B.A. (I.T.)
Both M.C.A. and M.B.A. (I.T.) could prove significantly fruitful for the B.C.A. It will certainly open up the gateway to new oppurtunities.

B. B. A.

It’s a reality that B.C.A. and B.B.A. are two such Graduation courses which’re quite unpopular among the general public. Not many people know much about B.B.A.
The full form of B.B.A. is Bachelor in Business Administration.

As the name itself revealing that it is a course related to business. B.B.A. is a management course which may prove somewhat effective in providing the entry into the Business World.
The applicant of the B.B.A. should possess excellent communication skills, acceptable leadership qualities. Apart from this, the candidate should also be accomplished enough in managing the organizing tasks.
Likewise other graduation courses, B.B.A. too spans over three years. The major subjects which a B.B.A. student studies are Marketing Management, Business Economics, Business Law, Accounting, Computer Fundamentals, etc.


The Graduate of B.B.A. can join a particular business organization as a Management Trainee and can also earn the job of Finance Executive or Sales Executive. Interestingly, with his individual brilliance & some good luck, the B.B.A. can achieve the job Manager too.
However, B.B.A. Graduates, usually, look all set for M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration). The decision to opt for the Master’s Degree in the very same discipline is quite intelligible. The B.B.A. wants bigger, brighter and, frankly, wealthier oppurtunities for which M.B.A. could prove extremely helpful.


It’s admittable that Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) is one of the widely known graduation courses. About 95% of the students, who opt for Commerce Stream in 11th class, take admissions in this business related course.

B. Com. teaches the students about how to deal with the problems arising in Business Administration and Accountancy. It contains the Economics Subject, Business Principles, Accountaincy, Organizational Behaviour and Quantitative Analysis.


B.Com. offers sufficient job oppurtunities in the Banking and Business domain. After becoming the Bachelor of Commerce, the graduate may serve as the Financial Consultants either in Banks or in other Financial Firms. Apart from this, the graduate can also get the job of Manager and Accountant in the same organizations.
After completing B. Com. the Graduates can also go for higher studies like Master of Commerce (M. Com.) and Master of Business Administration (M. B. A.)


Undeniably, Journalism & Communication Media have gone through a remarkable omnidirectional expansion & development in the 21st Century. The surge in the number of the Media Channels is obvious to everyone.

Consequently, Mass Communication progressed to a popular, dependable and optimistic career option.
Mass Communication possesses a very large enough syllabus, probably the largest as compared to others. It covers the domains such as Advertising, Journalism, Political Science, Public Relations, Media Literacy and many more.
Mass Communication teaches the students about the Efficacious Communication and the continuously expanding information through the mediums like newspapers, magazines, radio, television, Internet, etc. and thereby provides them tremendous oppurtunities.


Mass Communication is such a course in which the interaction with public occurs very frequently and that’s why, it could be a brilliant career option. The number of job profiles which a pass out student may get are Ad Filmmaking, Direction, Editing, Film Making, Copyrighting, production, scriptwriting,………
The amount of jobs offered to a Mass Communicator is so far uncountable.

B. A.

Well, it’s known to everyone that B. A. is an abbreviation for Bachelor of Arts. It is a popular Graduation Course and unarguably, the most flexible course on earth which offers a genuinely large number of Subject Combinations.

The applicant can select the subjects as per his priorities.
B.A. in History or B.A. in Geography or in Political Science, Library Science, Anthropology, Home Science, Literature, Philosophy, Sociology, etc. are some of the B.A. courses. Apart from these, Bachelor of Art in Computer Application abbreviated as BACA is another graduation course which is deemed as equivalent to B.C.A.


After completing the B.A. the graduate can search the job in the domain in which he studied B.A. If he is interested in teaching job, then he can also go for Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) Apart from these, he can also go for further studies and Master’s Degree like Master of Arts (M.A.).

C. A.

C.A. stands for Chartered Accountant and it belongs to the domain of commerce. Surely, C.A. is the best career option in the field of Accountancy. Opting for C.A. could prove a gateway towards securing a successful and equally wealthier career.

It’s very admittable that C.A. is an extremely challenging course which demands from the candidates to apply humongous amount of efforts in order to bring effective results. The candidate require to be seriously professional, optimistic and sufficiently laborious too.

Apart from these, he should also possess appreciable Management, Quantitative and Problem solving skills.
ICAI i.e. Institute of Chartered Accountants of India runs the Chartered Accountancy Programme. This course aims to instill appreciable level of aptitude & required number of skills into the students. More importantly, the students go through the practical training as well which imparts all such proficiencies in them which’re required to become an excellent C.A.


After gaining the membership of ICAI, the Chartered Accountant can opt to serve in the Government Organizations or he can also go towards the private firms and live a wealthy career ahead. The C.A. can also join a particular firm of Chartered Accountants.
And if he doesn’t like any of the aforementioned options then he can practice independently too.

Things doesn’t end up here. There exists plenty of career oppurtunities in DEFENCE SECTOR where one can live an adventurous and very very honourable career.

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