WI-FI : More Fruitful Uses

Wi-Fi in tandem with Mobile Mouse Lite or Mobile Mouse Remote or Airdroid or Air Video HD or IP Webcam offers such useful services which was not available before. Wi-Fi technology is usually known for accessing the Internet but after going through this article you’ll know how innovatively useful this technology is.

AIRDROID | What is Airdroid

Airdroid allows the user to transfer the data from his android phone to Laptop/PC without forming any physical connection between them.


Airdroid device uses the Wi-Fi technology in order to establish the virtual connection between the Android phone and PC/Laptop. It’s a free of cost service which is another lovely thing.


  1. First of all, the user have to install the Airdroid App in his Android smartphone.
  2. Subsequently, connect the Airdroid device to PC/Laptop through Wireless.
  3. Open the Airdroid App.
  4. Now, type the link http://web.airdroid.com in URL box of the Browser of PC/Laptop and open the associated webpage.
  5. The webpage will show a QR code.


6. In order to establish the connection between phone and computer the user have to scan aforesaid QR code.

7. After the successful completion of QR code scanning, the user can transfer the files/data from his android phone to the Computer/Laptop.

Apart from this, the user can also secure the backup of his phone using this technology.


It’s an application which make the smartphone to do the work of mouse for PC/ laptop and thereby eliminates the requirement of mouse.


  1. Firstly, the android users require to install the Mobile Mouse Lite App in their Android smartphone while iOS users need to install Mobile Mouse Remote App in their iPhones.
  2. Subsequently, install Free Server software in their PCs.
  3. Thirdly, connect the smartphone and PC to the same Wi-Fi Network.
  4. Now, the smartphone can be used as mouse of the PC.

It’s noteworthy that there is no requirement of directing the phone towards the monitor of PC in order to give a particular command. The user can control the PC from another rooms too.


One can also use this awesome technology for extracting the work of IP Camera from his Android or iOS device.


Both the android and iOS users can surveil their respective rooms using the Wi-Fi technology.

Android users can do it with the help of an android application viz. IP Webcam.


  1. The user have to install the aforesaid app in their android smartphone.
  2. Subsequently, activate the Wi-Fi of smartphone and Laptop as well and connect them to each other.
  3. Open the IP Webcam application and and go for the appearing Video Preferances option.
  4. The video streaming will start and an IP Address along with Port Number will be provided.
  5. Open the browser of the laptop and feed the provided IP Address and Port Number.
  6. After this, “Enter Java Browser Plugin” message will come on screen.
  7. The user have to give the allowance to run the video streaming and that’s it.

Noteworthy thing is that the smartphone and the laptop must remain in the range of Wi-Fi.

As far iOS users are concerned, they can install Manything Home Security Camera app and can fetch the job IP Cameras from their iPhone. But in order to view the live transmission they require to use another such device in which Manything app is installed.


This application is a paid app and Is for the iOS users. Air Video HD app by using the Wi-Fi Network allows the user to watch the videos, stored in computer, on the iOS mobile device.


  1. First of all, the user need to install the server software in his computer.
  2. Subsequently, he have to start the software and ADD the video files which he want to.
  3. Then, he require to establish the connection between his computer and iOS device through Wi-Fi.
  4. After the establishment of connection, the added videos will start to appear when the user open the Air Video HD app in his iOS device.
  5. Now, the user can easily stream these videos, through Wi-Fi, in his iPhone, iPad , etc.

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