Xiaomi Target 1000 Retail Outlets in India By 2020

As per a report of 2015, in India about 70% of smart phones are sold via offline mode.

The many features of the leading smart phones are now aware of that massive bricks and mortars market which exists in India for their sale and they don’t want to miss that at any cost.

As per their recent report, in this offline market in India Xiaomi is now achieving its goal, and now in future they have made plans to open whooping 1000 retail outlets of their own in India’s by 2010.

There is an announcement made by the CEO of Xiaomis lei jun, as he said that his co. wants Indian to touch and feel the handset before buying. This shows slightly surprising because in china the Xiaomi has been able to dethrone apple, and in India it become of the top Smartphone seller on e-commerce portals by executing some smart marketing campaigns, and also around their produce it creating a buzz.

But none the less, the outcome would be even better, when these efforts are combining with offline sale points.

Jun said, “We want customer to touch and test our products with the core technologies in the stores. We have adopted over strategies, Xiaomi will open 1000 stores by 2020.”

Offline push by smart phones makers in India:

Xiaomi tested the water, before announce the outlets of their own retails and then for selling their products offline it collaborated with leading mobile retailers. In July this year, to expand their distribution network, Xiaomi partners with just buy live and innocomm, and as a result, across India, their handsets were instantly available across 5000 retails stores.

India head Manu Kumar Jain, Xiaomi had we have brought our learning from the online model to our offline model. We have chosen just buy live and innocomm because of their unique models that distribute directly to retailers.”

Xiaomi is not alone in making massive headway into offline mode.

When India Govt. of India removed the rules for the foreign investors, so foreign players to open their own retail stores in India. After Govt. of India relaxed rules for foreign players to open their own retail stores in India, after removing these rules lots of Chinese and American companies are interested to open their own retail stores in India.

At the last month, LeECO company open their retail stores to sell mobile phone: Oppo wants to both manufacture and sell their handsets via retail stores and Gionee has already sought approval for launching their own retail stores.

Another side, Apple’s make a plans to open retail outlets has already been accepted in India.

Not only smart phones, but retail players from other niches such as sports clothing has also made plans to open their own retail outlets. Adidas is soon going to open their own retail outlets, which would be the first International sports brand to do so in India.

Xiaomi is right now witnessing a massive drop in their valuation, which has now been reduced $4 billion, from a high of $45 billion 20 months ago.

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