Unarguably, the total number of active users across various social media platforms is in Billions. Some of the active users want to secure the back up of their social media account and therefore, do searching for such softwares.
Mostly, we all used to preserve our private and important data either in hard disk of our computer or within the internal storage of our mobile device. Although usually, the contents stored within these storages remain preserved as long as we wish. But sometimes, due to some unwanted technical issues, the stored data may get deleted.
Therefore, for staying relaxed and carefree regarding the security of data, it’s preferable to utilize some of such tools which provide the backup of the social media data.


Frostbox is such an app which provides the backup for multiple accounts. The user require to SIGN UP in order to use this app.

Once the user completes the Sign Up procedure, the Frostbox app becomes ready for use. This app can secure the backup for Facebook, Flicker, Evernote, Twitter, Gmail, FourSquare, Tumbler, etc.
Once the Frostbox gets linked to the user’s accounts then it starts taking the online backup automatically. Whenever the user share any content on its account, that content gets saved into his Frostbox [] account. Here, all of the data are saved in encrypted form.
With Frostbox all of the social media platforms become available at same place due to which the switching from one to another account becomes very easy. It also possesses a Social Media Dashboard which makes the navigation of contents easier.


If someone uses multiple social media platforms and want to keep the backup of all of his social media accounts then SocialSafe [] could be perfect for him.

With SocialSafe the user can prepare the backup in his own computer while staying at home. The user can also install this software in his computer and may protect it through password too.
Presently, SocialSafe offers the backup for the social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. In SocialSafe, the user can save and arrange his photos, posts,etc. which he may’ve shared on any of the aforesaid social media platforms.
SocialSafe keeps monitoring the its user’s account continuously and whenever the user shares any content, the SocialSafe immediately prepares the backup of that.
Both the Windows and Mac users can download this software viz. SocialSafe (free of cost).


It is basically a software which offers the data backup of user’s Instagram account only. If someone stays active on Instagram and want to take the backup of his account then INSTAPORT could prove very helpful for him.

Instaport offers the facility of saving the images, videos, posts, etc. in its Local HardDrive. The user need to first download his Instagram images, videos, etc. and then save them into the Local HardDrive of Instaport.
Instaport is very simple in use too.
1. First of all, the user have to open the OFFICIAL SITE.
2. Subsequently, he need to Login, using his Instagram account.
3. Now, he can select the photos, videos, etc. which he want to save and then click upon the NEW EXPORT button.
4. After some seconds, a download link for the selected stuffs will be generated and then the user can save the selected contents into the Local HardDrive.

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