People hardly know about the YOUTUBE SHORTCUTS which the keys of Keyboard of our PC & Laptop offers. These Shortcuts are capable of completely eliminating the use of mouse while streaming youtube videos. Moreover they also save our considerable amount of time. Let’s have a look :


Arrow keys

One can use these keys for controlling the volume of the playing video while streaming the video. The arrow key pointing upwards increases the volume and the other one, pointed downwards can be utilized for reducing the volume of the video.

LEFT & RIGHT Arrow Keys

Left arrow key can be used to forward the running youtube video and Right arrow key can be used to pull it back. Pressing Left arrow key forwards the video by 5 seconds while the pressing the Right arrow key brings the playing video 5 seconds back from its current position.


One can use the Tab key for switching between the control icons placed below the running video. For example : While watching the youtube video, the user can jump to icon of Pause (placed next to Play) just by pressing the tab key. This’ll cause the selection of Pause button and now the user can pause the running video by pressing Enter Key.

By using Tab, the user can jump on the other options too which includes Volume buttons, Full Screen, Share, Like and Comment. To activate any of the aforementioned options the user require to press Enter Key after jumping on it.

Apart from this, if someone wants to select the previous options then he have to use Shift + Tab Keys. This’ll cause the selection of icons residing at the left side of the currently selected option.

COMMA ‘,’ & DOT ‘.’ KEYS

Sometimes, we want to forward or backward the video in slow motion. For this purpose, Comma (,) & Fullstop (.) keys are very helpful.

First of all, we have to pause the playing video which can be done by pressing Spacebar. Now, for forwarding the video in slow motion continuously keep blowing the Dot (.) button. And for moving backward in slow motion, do the same with Comma(,) key.

Note : You don’t need to exercise Long Press, in fact, you have to register required number of presses continuously. The smoothness of the video flow (in slow motion) depends upon the frequency with which you’re pressing the associated keys.


Some of the Number Keys given on the keyboard of the PC-Laptop are also the shortcut keys in itself.

Zero Key

The key with ‘0’ printed upon its surface resets the presently running video. Literally, we can say that pressing Zero Key causes the video to Restart. With this, the users can restart the running and the finished videos.

The key with ‘1’ printed upon its surface is also a useful shortcut. If you press this key while watching the youtube video then the video will skip the initial 10% part (in terms of time duration) of the video and display the remaining 90%.

Similarly, pressing 4, 5 and 9 will make the video to skip the initial 40, 50 and 90% parts respectively and play the remaining one.


By pressing this key, one can switch to FullScreen Mode while watching the youtube video. In order to turn back to the previous mode he need to again press the very same key (ESC Key).

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